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Greetings to all our relatives, friends and church brethren. God has called our family to serve at North Philippine Union Conference. Kindly continue to pray for us. Let us all work together to advance God's cause in this territory.

Praise the Lord! God gave us a chance to attend Pastor Doug's new church, Granite Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church in Sacramento, California. With me and Pastor Doug are my wife, Shy, our daughter Joanna and Bro. Gil Biscocho.

We were able to visit and have a short tour also at the Amazing Facts Office in Sacramento.

To all who attended and supported the meetings done by Amazing Facts and coordinated by our conference leaders, thank you so much. May God be praised to the result of these meetings. Continue happily serving the Lord.

Amazing Facts Ministries, Central Luzon Conference and Manila Center Adventist Church Media joined force to air God's Message on a nationwide Philippine Television. Pray for this ministry.